March 3, 2011

(Papist) Punditocracy

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04/15'11 Nobody fucks with the Jesus
04/15'11 Daily Colbert 2011

05/01'06 Matt Stoller: Elizabeth Bumiller's Disconnect from Reality)
Stephen Colbert's incredible roast, where the room of pompous DC-tards wasn't laughing but everyone else was, has been seen several hundred thousand times on Youtube. The stupid and hackish Bush impersonation, replete with such witticisms as Laura Bush is "hot", isn't even listed. The people choose Colbert.
And on cue, Elizabeth Bumiller's article on the evening in the New York Times doesn't even mention Colbert, and talks about how Bush stole the show. Amazing. Ridiculous.
In a few months, the insiders at the dinner will be claiming that they thought Colbert was terrific, that they were the only one laughing. That's how these people work. They'll hear about the legendary Colbert performance, and they'll rewrite history to make themselves seem savvy enough to "get the joke".
Anyway, it doesn't matter. This is the gasp of the royal pretensions of the punditocracy. And Colbert laid them bare, brutally. Thank you, Stephen.

06/16'10 "Like my colleagues in the punditocracy I too had a problem with Obama's lack of specificity."

01/24'10 Jon Stewart, conscience of the punditocracy, nudges Keith Olbermann back in line
In the cable news game, there is rarely any reason to stand down. The more the fight, the better the ratings. But there is one guy that television gasbags cannot defeat, no matter how they may exclaim, proclaim or defame. That guy is Jon Stewart.
On Friday, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann bowed before the master, and apologized.

01/07'07 "These folks might still have the job titles they do, but I think, more and more people are tuning them out."

Daily Trojan

06/08'10 "It breaks my heart:" M. Frauenfelder's Made by Hand – "Searching for meaning in a throwaway world:
From his unique vantage point as editor-in-chief of Make magazine, the hub of the newly invigorated do-it-yourself movement, Mark Frauenfelder takes readers on an inspiring and surprising tour of the vibrant world of DIY.
The Internet has brought together large communities of people who share ideas, tips, and blueprints for making everything from unmanned aerial vehicles to pedal-powered iPhone chargers to an automatic cat feeder jury-rigged from a VCR.
DIY is a direct reflection of our basic human desire to invent and improve, long suppressed by the availability of cheap, mass-produced products that have drowned us in bland convenience and cultivated our most wasteful habits.
Frauenfelder spent a year trying a variety of offbeat projects such as keeping chickens and bees, tricking out his espresso machine, whittling wooden spoons, making guitars out of cigar boxes, and doing citizen science with his daughters in the garage.
His whole family found that DIY helped them take control of their lives, offering a path that was simple, direct, and clear. Working with their hands and minds helped them feel more engaged with the world around them.
Frauenfelder also reveals how DIY is changing our culture for the better. He profiles fascinating 'alpha makers' leading various DIY movements and grills them for their best tips and insights.

Beginning his journey with hands as smooth as those of a typical geek, Frauenfelder offers a unique perspective on how earning a few calluses can be far more rewarding and satisfying than another trip to the mall."

06/09'10 Sam Nunn on the "nuclear tipping point":
Colbert) If any nuclear bomb goes off from a terrorist organization, we just automatically nuke North Korea. Without even investigating: We just say, boom, tag, you're it. And that will encourage those countries to try to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists even harder than we do. Because they know if anything happens, we pull the plug on them.
What about that?

Nunn) Stephen, I have to confess, I hadn't thought of that.
Colbert) You surprise me, sir. Sam Nunn was always known as being a democrat you could trust on defense: Head of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Have you gotten soft with your peace nick friends putting your flowers down the barrels of the guns?
Nunn) Well, I would not think that George Schultz or Henry Kissinger or the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of State are in that category.
Colbert) Those are all members of this initiative?
Nunn) That's what the nuclear tipping point is all about.
All of us are talking about how to protect America. We all believe in a strong national defense.
Colbert) So, where can you see this movie?
Nunn) We would love for people to order this movie, we give it away free.
Colbert) Wait a second, you give this away for free?
Where do you make money? On like concessions? Popcorn? Soda?
Nunn) I'd say popcorn, soda: Warren Buffett and Ted Turner.
Colbert) You got a sugar daddy.
Nunn) We have some very generous support and George Russell helps us a lot, too.

07/01'10 "Happiest fangirl ever! [...] And then, OMFG, Stephen mentioned my question on air!
'Folks ... what a beautiful day in New York this was, you know it's on days like this when I'm just caught up with the beauty of the world that I ask myself the eternal questions ... like ... if Dan Rather were a fruit monument [cue crowd going WILD] ... what would his favourite band be? I don't know ... Bananarama, I'm guessing!'
You know that feeling when your brain just freezes up and goes numb because you can't believe something this awesome could actually happen to you? Yep, that's what it felt like, I couldn't even move for a couple of seconds and then of course I started cheering with everyone else! I couldn't believe Stephen actually mentioned my question – in the first line of the show no less! *happy fangirl tears*
I thought that there was still a possibility that it might get cut in editing later, so I didn't want to get my hopes up, but was over the moon nonetheless!"

08/02'10 Stephen might be gay
08/03'10 "This writing is terrible." (Laura Ingraham, Joe Bidens favorite in TV punditry)
"Brilliant irony. Another great demolition job."
"Colbert is remarkable. His stiletto was so sharp, I do believe she never felt a thing.
Only when Ingraham saw her own blood pouring out she realized what was happening, but by then it was too late. Death came quickly, and it was a blessing for all."
"In addition to my amazement that he finally got a true wingnut to come on his show, I always am amazed that they agree to play along. I'm always half expecting one of his guests to turn to him and say, 'Oh cut the crap, Stephen. We know you're not a real conservative, but are just playing one to make fun of us.' You'd have to be an awfully bad sport to say something like that, but I've never seen a wingnut come off well on his show.
He's got a little Sacha Baron Cohen in him, the way he draws his guests into his ridiculous little world."
"Wow. I've never seen Colbert go for anyone's jugular like that! Of course, Ingraham deserved it."

08/17'10 Newsweek ranks The World's Best Countries – Fox News TV Show Star Sean Hannity:
"America is the single greatest nation that God ever gave man on this earth."
"We say it's the greatest country God gave men ... We live in the single greatest, best country God gave men"
"The single greatest, best, freest country God ever gave men."

10/14'10 Horny goats doing the landscaping job
"When unemployment gets very high, people look for scapegoats. They want to blame, or place major blame, on immigrants ..."
"This is for people who think the controversy about undocumented immigrants is all about economics. The truth is, it's about scapegoating. Or landscape-goating ..."
"If they renege on their employment contract, they can be eaten after they're fired!"
"Owning goats made this segment a hundred times funnier for me, and as I'm sure it was hilarious to everyone else when I say that I mean I was literally rolling around on the floor, especially after Gino's John Goat comment. If that dude loses his landscaping job he can always go into comedy."

11/02'10 "Welcome to where rumor undergoes a fact-change operation and becomes analysis."

12/09'10 "Before you accuse the sharks of any wrongdoing in these shark attacks, I think it's only fair to ask:
Could it be the Jews?"

"The 'Could it be the Jews?' line freaking cracked me up!" "Yeah, and he seemed genuinely excited by the idea of Shakespeare character superheroes hunting down their creator, and when he said 'I got your lead right here,' I was like, perfect! That really would be the greatest part for Stephen ever ... :-)"
"The whole shark thing was brilliant: 'Israel working with sharks? It just makes too much sense!'
The Steven Spielberg and Jaws/Jews jokes were perfect.
Seeing Daniel Ellsberg was great, as I'm always interested in people who help uncover conspiracies (goes back to when I watched 'All The President's Men' with my dad and he taught me about 'Watergate').
It was really interesting to hear someone who's been in a similar situation to Assange speak about it. He seemed a really good sport, playing with the noose."