March 3, 2011

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11/30'10 How does this not drive you insane?
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08/04'10 "I give up." 12/16'10 "This is insane!"

12/13'10 Lame-as-Fuck Congress & Gordon Brown "Who do you yell at first?"
"You know, they say about finance ministers: There are those who fail and those who get out in time," Brown said.

01/24'11 Anand Giridharadas on the profound revolution that's going on in India
"I had different answers for Colbert but for you I'm gonna tell you the truth. You get the real deal."

01/24'11 "Wow! Wow! If that guy (Karl Rove) is telling you that you should feel shame, it's like Charlie Sheen showing up at your intervention to tell you to take it down a notch."

01/27'11 "And the symbiotic cycle of cable life continues."
So I was supposed to let that go? I mean, I watch Fox all the time, they use 'Nazi' like 16-year-olds use 'like'!
I mean, it's like, it's a stutter. 'Dad, there's nothing on TV, Nazi!' [...] Although, since you seem interested in getting into it ... the court will allow your witness! [...] '23 people liked this!' [...] Bill, I actually [...] like you. And I like the fact that you will come on other shows to be challenged, and have others on your show to challenge you. Unlike some of your colleagues. [...] Truth is, all I wanted was for Megyn Kelly to notice me.
Fuck! That's what happens when you try to get a pretty girl to call!"

02/03'11 Olbertunity knocks
comments ...

Anthony) Been a fan of the show since its inception (Kilborn), and I just have to say I find TDS hit pieces on Olbermann more than a little disturbing. Was he often over-the-top in venting the justifiable frustration shared by many decent, hard-working, voiceless folks? Sure. KO may've taken himself and his perceived role in our media culture too seriously for some. But I thought this sent the wrong message to journalists/pundits who do manage to get through this very-flawed model of corporate-controlled "journalism" (newstainment), credibility somewhat intact, that's been foisted upon an increasingly-detached, under-represented public and put their careers on the line to rail publicly against hypocritical or criminal behavior ... or worse. Not only was it distasteful, I thought it sucked. In an increasingly controlled, censored, borderline-fascistic corporate media culture, why go after corporate truth-tellers when they're so rare? Continue to shine a rare public spotlight on the soulless thieves and shills so prevalent in what passes for "news" media these days.

cshearer19) Agreed.
Not to mention TDS rarely takes a firm stand on the US's illegal and immoral wars, the way Keith did.

Anthony) Guess my response is who's demonstrated a comparable penchant to speak truth to state/corporate power and do it with well-cited information? Who's "any good" among our "corporate fascistic overlords"?
Not sure Olbermann pretended to be anything other than "newstainment." Perhaps, channeling Murrow, he brought back well-articulated opinion into journalism. Journalism should be more than talking heads, newsmodels, regurgitating the corporate line, no?
Point being, KO stuck his neck out and knew the consequences.
What have you done lately?

RustyBucket) And how is making stupid insults about Malkin being a sack of meat (who is a nasty person, don't get me wrong) coming close to being journalism? Seriously what Olbermann did was newstainment. Olbermann stayed as long as he did because he brought in revenue for his corporate fascistic overlords, not because he was any good.

Anthony) You're obviously ignorant of the show itself and his contributions off the set as well, but that's understandable. Not that it would matter to someone with your intellect, but I've been a State Death Penalty Abolition Coordinator for Amnesty International for 15 years, a civil servant and an active community member advocating for the mentally challenged and the abolition of the death penalty. And you've never publicly called another person a name before? Well, congratulations! You'd be the first I've ever met.

RustyBucket) Well, same goes to you: What have you outside of trying to change the definition of what journalism is, to justify your particular binky's method?
What's "sticking your neck out", when all he was doing was calling people names.

billcarr) I really liked the kids at the end, a perfect microcosm of America today!
As they say out of the mouths of babes and sucklings. That is babes meaning children not babes as in hot babes!

Susan) Jon needs to go back to satire but he desperately wants to be taken seriously as an observer of our times – I was crammed out of the Sanity gig – and missed Jon's self-aggrandizing 'healing' Jersey Turnpike drone until I saw it on TV (ironic) – turns out missing which was a high point to an otherwise childish waste of time ...
Jon has size envy clearly. MSNBC is taken seriously by millions – Stewart can't handle that and each nasty carp drips with insecurity. Mocking Olberman is the final turn-off. Keith did his homework, he truly informed us – and when clever, entertained. Keith was a spokesman for the intelligent, passionate viewer and Jon's degrading his legacy is sickening. Bitchy remarks about the 'cleverly named Ed Show' ... are so petty and insulting – back to junior high – whatever your real name is! Jon, since you can't be taken seriously (you are not in the same league as KO), go back to aping Glenn Beck – you do that level of entertainment better than some. (though not SNL)

Brian) Olbermann, Maddow, and Schultz should be piled into a space ship with Beck, O'Reilly, and Hannity and shot into space. They're all the same, they just support opposite ends of the polarized spectrum of American Politics. Their polarization (on both sides) is what kills discourse in our country. Argue against it all you want, but just because you like one side more than the other doesn't make what they do right.

Sandy972) Jon, I think all of us agree that you are great, but stop bashing MSNBC, especially Matthews, Olbermann and Schultz ... and now they have Cenk Ugyur who is suberb!
The people who watch your show, Jon, are most likely the same people who watch Keith, and the rest of them, and unlike Bill Maher who is both funny and very astute about politics, your shtick is getting old. I am like the other guys who have commented ... quit biting the hand that feeds you: the crappola about KO, Ed, and Chris are not funny nor even appreciated as satire, because they are the good guys, just like you. So give it up!

Emil) Yea yea, Olbermann is forceful. We get it. Trouble is, he's nearly the only person in the American political media who represents progressives' distaste of liars and corrupt politicians. Without him, or someone like him, Fox and the right-wing radio hosts have nearly no one to criticize them. And criticism is important. The powers that be don't read watchdog group blogs but they do listen to what happens in television, and if no one who's taken more seriously than, say, Jon, criticizes Fox, then the powers that be will think there's only Fox' opinion and the opinions Fox attribute to the left wing, which is why the political spectrum has shifted so dramatically.
It's just starting to inch its way back now because of Olbermann and his proving that left-wing media can work.

MAnnaJ) ... And just because Jon mocks Ed and Keith does not mean he believes in the "false equivalence" meme. Remember the "Go Fuck Yourself" song to Fox? He stated very clearly that Fox is not the equivalent of MSNBC and others. 04/20'10 Bernie Goldberg Fires Back (watch from around the 10:30 mark)

Emil) And by the way, if you think Chris Matthews is left-wing, keep in mind that half his show is dedicated to him giggling alongside his good friend, Pat Buchanan, who's literally argued that the British were to blame for the Second World War and the Holocaust.

RustyBucket) And Stewart was mocking Shultz just like he's mocked Olbermann – both of them have gone over the line repeatedly. Just like Glenn Beck has. Stewart was pointing out that Maddow would never get that prime time slot because she had rational arguments with people – that's what he was criticizing. But hey, if you want to keep defending Olbermann as the only beacon of truth and justice, even when he was just as trollish as a poster on a political forum. Go 'head. People shouldn't be watching Jon Stewart if they can't take satire – stick to MSNBC if you want Ideology.

Beepath) What I enjoy about being a progressive liberal is that we can poke fun at each other.
The Faux folks won't be seen with that kind of sense of humor, but at least Jon has one. Love the Ed rants, he speaks for me and a lot of people. The louder he shouts, the less we have to. Same with Jon and Stephen.
Jon reminds us that life is too important to take seriously. Mwah!

01/03'11 "The media is like the world's worst paramedics. They declare people dead when they're napping.
So, of course, waking up must be a miracle."

01/05'11 Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

01/06'11 "You know what: transparency is not the best thing."

01/12'11 Tim Pawlenty discusses the tension between liberty, equality and efficiency

01/18'11 George Soros (Rupert Murdoch) plans to overthrow America & the Manchurian lunatic

01/19'11 "Drop a load" – two established TV personalities penetrate each other while people watch

01/20'11 The Socialist Network & Kambiz Hosseini, Saman Arbabi: "You're the prophet!"

02/02'11 Matthew Perry & Glenn Beck:

"When you take the Marxists and you combine them with the radical from Islam, the whole world starts to implode."

02/14'11 Moment of Zen – Glenn Beck:

"Your are watching the beginning and the birth of the New World Order.
And you wanna call me crazy? Go to hell!"

And: "Total Jedi"

02/23'11 "What you will see is the absence of certainty:" The Rumsfeld Papers

Jon on Oprah the "POp(e)rah" pt 2 & pt 3
09/29'10 Jon on Letterman's Late Show pt 1 & pt 2

Oprah Winfrey's 1998 acceptance speech: "Growing up in Mississippi, my prayer was – for as long as I can remember – God use me, use me, use this life. I don't know what future holds for me but I know that there is a vision for my life that is greater than my imagination can hold. Use me, use me, what would you have me to do? And that dream, that desire, that prayer, brought me somehow to television."

11/09'10 Jon Stewart reacts to rally criticisms
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